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knife, beat him and tried to take his money. according to a campus spokesperson, the suspects weren't able to get anything from the victim whose left hand was injured while he tried to defend himself. >> there are always times like that you can't depend on anybody. if i'm walking home from a party, if i'm with my friends, i want to make sure that i can get home safely. >> we'll do all we can. our police department to patrol campus. but we also need our students to do all they can to protect their personal safety. that means walking with friends and also that means securing your valuables, your wallet and cell phone at all times. but especially at night. >> after the attack reported after 1:00 a.m., police sent out an alert to students to let them know what happened. some students say incidents like this are just part of going to school in a big city and there is only so much can you do to protect yourself. >> they want to come out and they maybe they're not in college and they feel like these
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people think they have it all. i want to beat the crap out of them. i want what i don't have. >> police have not made any arrests in this case. so far this year there have been four robberies on campus. as compared with five in 2011 and six in 2010. in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> a major avenue in san jose is shut down. people are being asked to go indoors. a shelter in place in south san jose after someone left a suspicious suitcase near a bus stop. police arriving on the scene at 2:30 this afternoon. this is near the intersection of snell and capital expressway. you see the map here. investigators say they don't know what is inside that suitcase. the bomb unit has been called in. right now snell avenue is shut down and will remain shut down until that area has been deemed safe. we have a crew on the scene. >> we're going to bring you live pictures of a brush fire.
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it's burning in los angeles. it's getting top level attention tonight. that's because it's burning dangerously close to some of the most valuable real estate on the planet. the famed getty museum, the art museum. it is home to one of the world's most valuable art collections. the new building is in the hills above the pass east of the 405 freeway. looks like some of the flames are out. earlier pictures show a lot of flames going up the steep terrain. also high temperatures are making it hard for firefighters. there are also reports of possible evacuations in the nearby belaire neighborhood. >> moving on to other news right now, preparations are under way for a vigil to hohn your a convenience store clerk shot to death during a robbery. 67-year-old was killed while working the overnight shift at the 7-eleven. friendly co-workers will gather in his memory at 8:00 tonight. photos show three hooded men running into the store.
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the 7-eleven corporation is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. new at 6:00, a tent city popped up in the east bay. everything from haircuts to hot meals free of charge. the guest list, bay area veterans. operation stand down, that's what it's called, it's in full swing tonight. nbc bay area jodie hernandez joins us in pleasantton. jodie? >> reporter: every two years operation standdown springs up here in pleasanton. it looks like a regular military compound. inside these tents here hundreds of veterans who are either homeless or on the verge of homelessness are getting the much needed helping hand. >> major anxiety issues. being in close spaces. sleeping. >> reporter: that's just a snapshot of what marine veterans deal with. just back from two tours of duty in iraq, the 26-year-old from oakland is homeless, jobless,
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and lacking direction. >> it's hard. you no he what i mean? it's hard coming back and being used to something for so long and then coming back to civilian life and trying to adjust and find work where being in the military your days are planned. >> reporter: but thanks to operation standdown, madina is not without hope. an entire sent city has sprung up on the fair grounds. and for the next three days vets from across the bay area are getting much needed help. from haircuts and hot meals to legal services. it's all here. >> the services provided here are in a sense everything you might need. we have dentists, doctors, orginal pooet teeists, dermatologists. >> he knows what a difference operation standdown can make. he went from a homeless client to a tent leader who now has a job, a home, and a new outlook.
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>> i had to straighten my life around once i found this program to help me get my life on the right path. >> reporter: meanwhile, madina is hoping to clean up his credit and take care of tax issues so he, too, can get back on track. he says there are thousands like him who have served their country but have been dealt a tough hand. >> in my generation they're young when they join. especially the marine corps going in right after high school and not really knowing about taxes or just anything really. you know what i mean? we're just growing up. >> reporter: and we are back here live at operation standdown where it is dinner time. the veterans are lined up for a hot meal on the menu tonight, fish, salad and a sweet pastry dessert. a big treat for these folks who are normally out on the street. again, operation standdown will
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be in full swing through sunday. reporting live in pleasanton, jodie hernandez, nbc bay area news. august proved to be a busy month for the bay area real estate market. today data quick released new numbers showing the nine county region posted the strongest home sales for the month of august since 2006. nearly 8600 homes were sold in the bay area last month. that is a 14% increase over august of last year when about 7500 homes were sold. data quick credits low interest rates, improving economy and increasing demand for medium priced homes. >> mind your manners. sfpd will be dressed as 49ers fans for sunday night's big game at candle stick. in light of a lot of recent violence, officers say they'll be undercover looking for unruly fans. they'll be wearing 49ers colors, red and gold or detroit lions team colors. they'll pbe patrolling the stans and parking lots. they'll also enforce the zero tolerance policy. they'll be kicking anyone out for causing trouble.
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now people kicked out of the game will then have to complete a four hour online class. that is on the rules of conduct before being allowed into an nfl game. still ahead at 6:00, it started with a video. now protests are spreading across the middle east and northern africa. the white house is now asking whether the website which hosted the video has some responsibility. and five fires that just don't add up. the on going arson investigation in the east bay. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. we'll have some slightly cooler temperatures for saturday by the bay. 70s and inland, mid up toer 80s f you're headed out to the game, one of the lucky ones, they're going up against usc, 4:30. temperatures expected in the upper 70s to near 80. we'll have more coming up.
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the bodies of four americans who killed the in attack in libya were returned to the united states today. president obama promised the killers will face justice.
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secretary of state hillary clinton spoke about bay area product chris stevens who died in that attack. >> i was honored to snow ambassador chris stevens. i want to thank his parents and s siblings who are here today for sharing chris with us and with our country. >> much of his family is still here in the bay area. stevens grew up in piedmont and went to cal. the president and secretary of state made their comments before flag draped coffins at an hanger in maryland. the anti-american demonstrations continue today. now expanding beyond arab nations. this protest in london. riots have broken out in 20 different countries against the anti-islamic film made in the u.s. there was damage in lebanon where kfc and a hardees restaurant were burned. in egypt, soldiers used tear gas
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and a water cannon against protesters. and there were street battles in pakistan, bangladesh and cashmere. the violence unfolding on our tv screen shows the flip side of silicon valley social media. not long ago praised as an agent of change. today, partly to blame for the deadly protest. let's bring in our business reporter scott budman. a rough week for the social media companies. >> getting your message out can be thought provoking and kit also provoke violence. youtube when broadcast the video said it was sparked by the protests is hearing from the white house. with violence and deadly protests ripping through the middle east, silicn valley social media is in the spotlight, not just because it's being used to communicate, a video on youtube originally launched the protest. today the white house actually asked youtube to review the anti-muslim film at the center of the controversy. youtube which originally said it
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will keep the video on its site rejected the latest security council request. former google executive a central figure in the arab spring uprising because of his social networking condemned the video on twitter today, taking to one of the social networks he praised in an earlier interview. >> this is, i think, one of the good things about social media. decentralizes the mainstream media. it removes the filters and barriers to directly interacting with those creating or creating the news. >> reporter: in fact, with some countries shutting down certain networking sites, others like dating sites have become the place to communicate. >> people say how do i speak to people near me? the whole network effect. if i can make five or ten conversations, then, you know, we can really organize to meet at a certain place and, you know, help kind of build
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momentum. >> reporter: praised during the arab spring, social networking and how people use it can also be a cautionary tale. some other social media news. twitter of san francisco says they surrendered the tweets of an occupy wall street protester to a manhattan judge. prior to today, twitter appeald the ruling they had to hand over the tweet. they must hand them over or face contempt of court fines. that would require twitter, privately held, to show the earnings statements. >> all right. fascinating debate. thank you. >> a lot of anxious residents in antioch. there are five fires in 24 hours. arson investigators are on the case. two of the fires were at a strip mall. you see here on sycamore drive and l street. that was 10:30 last night. an hour earlier, more video seen here. a tree caught fire a few blocks away near antioch high school. >> demand for the iphone 5 heats up. today's preorders weren't without problems. >> and overcoming what they
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thought was impossible one step at a time. disabled athletes are inspiring others around them in the bay area.
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the great iphone 5 scramble is under way. apple sold out of the new phone within an hour crashing the website and sending the stock price soaring to a record high. that means if you haven't preordered, you probably can't get the smart phone until october! delivery times grew longer as the day went on. carriers which promised the new phone on september 21st are now estimating delivery the following week. that sets the stage for long lines outside apple stores next friday when the phones officially hit the streets. on ebay, buyers who don't want a long service contract are shelling out $1500 for unlocked phones. as for apple stock, it closed at $691 per share and peaked at nearly $697. >> thousands of people left san francisco for wine country this morning all on foot.
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it's part of an annual relay race. this is no ordinary race. here is nbc's bay area joe risatto jr. >> reporter: on a cold, gray bay area morning -- runners gathered on san francisco's marina green. the occasion was the rag mag relay race, 200 mile foot race from san francisco to conestoga. >> you know, it's a constant relay. >> reporter: even in this crowd of 4,000, some in costumes, runner jet turner stood out. he has only one leg. >> i started running one step at a time. >> reporter: with marathons and triage lonz under his belt, turner and his group to challenge athletes foundation run for themselves as well as others. >> i essentially show people that, you know, losing a limb doesn't mean losing everything you love about life. >> and then this is all flat trail. >> reporter: despite organizers offer of an alternate route that
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avoided stairs, turner and his fellow runner set out with the crowd. >> and with each step, turner went further from the 1989 motor cycle accident that claimed his accident giving inspiration to others. >> it helps me to find myself, to forget bad things. >> he is fantastic watching them run on the side. i mean we've been running with these guys and training and everything. you really don't even notice. >> reporter: while the heart and mind can overcome most obstacles, finances are a bigger challenge. >> pros nottics are really expensive. >> reporter: runners will run through the night ending up in conestoga saturday afternoon. for turner, the victory was already at hand. nbc bay area news. what a great event. >> what an inspiring event.
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>> we have a lot of high profile events coming this weekend. as tonight. stanford tomorrow night. >> 49ers on sunday night. >> on nbc. >> we need jeff ranieri. >> "have your forecast. for all of you at home, we'll have that coming up. today wasn't so bad. down from yesterday. the temperature was at 88. gillroy at 88. currently we're finding the on shore flow returning. widespread 60s across the bay. milder across the east bay. not a bad evening if you're headed out. let's take you to the live hd camera. if you're going to san francisco, not a major fog event at this hour. but we can't rule out a little of that patchy fog for tomorrow morning. it will be another quick burnoff. the next 48 hours, the jet stream is out here. a lot of cold air. this is going to continue to shave down that area of hot high pressure. that brought in the warmest weather we had since september 3rd. that is the last time we had any low to mid 90s. that will be fading away. the trend saturday and sunday
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will be gradually going down. we'll find fog on the coastline. 50s and 60s. no major beach weather. and by the bay, well, wide mix here of low 80s. a few sparse 90s expected by sunday. as for that cooler breeze, we'll really get cranking and, well, the temperatures accordingly will be going down. let's get a look at your saturday numbers. in the south bay, comfortable right where we should thb time of year. 83 in los gatos. 88 morgan hill. back to the east bay, it will be warm but not on the hot side. 89 on walnut creek. back by the bay, 73. 79 down to freemont. 83 in santa rosa. we'll struggle to get to 70. it does look good on the weather board. 72 in berkeley. 7 ain san mateo. 68 in pacifica. as we mentioned, a lot of matchups in the bay area. huge rivalry, stanford verse usc. temperatures at 2:00 p.m. in the upper 70s. sun and clouds.
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a little more cloud cover there by health care p.m. right around kickoff time. by 6:00 p.m., low cloud cover and temperatures will start to drop. then for sunday, right here on nbc, another big matchup. 49ers will be on that nfl coverage verse the detroit lions. and we'll expect that typical san francisco weather with some cooler air, 60s and also fog. so for tailgaters, remember the jacket or just have some sort of barbecue cranked up and some sort of warm beverage. that always helps. >> or ice cold. >> or ice cold. you could do that if you have a fire pit going or what not. the seven-day forecast, we'll see numbers in the mid 80s as we head throughout next week. no huge rain storms as we head throughout the next couple days. that's good news. >> thank you, jeff. >> thank you. >> we're counting down to first pitch. giants and diamoe diamondbacks minutes.
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coming up to night at 11:00, an exclusive behind the scenes
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access with the ceo and owners of the 49ers. he is making big changes, not only building that billion dollar stadium, but he says he is taking a different approach with this team than his father john york did. >> i definitely tried to be part of the community and getting involved whether it's charitably in business efforts and just going to dinner in the city, making sure that people know that you're here and you actually feel the city and feel what's going on. you feel the bay area. i think that's very, very important. i think that's a good lesson for anybody that's getting in to sports. >> much different than his father. the 31-year-old speaks candidly about what really went wrong with the stadium deal in san francisco and he shares the excitement he has about a big change in his personal life. the full interview jed york tonight at 11:00. >> looking forward to that. >> let's check in with jim now in the newsroom. >> okay. it's a big night. we have giants baseball just ahead. >> this the place to be. if you're a sports fan, the bay
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area is hip with sports. how about curly fries and great temperatures and sellout crowds? giants have the home field advantage. much of this season's success could be attributed to the road where the giants are 21-7 since the all-star break. >> one of the reasons the giants are where they are in this standings is because of the way that they have played on the road, especially over the last couple of months. since the all-star break, they have not lost a road series. they won eight of them and split one. it is the best road record in the major leagues during that stretch. they hope to continue that stretrend tonight. >> we take it a game at time. we understand that. we are going to be in every ball game. if we do that a game at a time, we can win these ball games and we're going to win a series. these guys are good. you know, they play well at their ballpark. and, you know, i like our chances. we're coming in here and our
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intentions are to take this series. >> we play as a team right now. you know, we just putting all things together and obviously we have a great pitching crew. and, you know, that is pretty much it. i see it that way when everything is pulled together. it's going to be a good result. >> the last time the giants went nine or more consecutive road series without a series loss in a single season was all the way back in 1982. reporting from chase field, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jamie. there is something special brewing across the bay in oakland. the as are an mlb best 30 over the best .500 mark. they welcome in one of the league's other surprise stories, al east leading baltimore orioles. >> definitely the battle between the surprise teams. this is awesome, you know? the underdogs of the whole a.l. yeah, definitely excited to be a part of that. >> that's what's so great about
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a scheme though. things like this happen every year. i mean, you know, it seems that almost every year a team is not supposed to make the playoffs. they shouldn't -- this year we have two teams that are trying to get in there. everybody wrote off. and, you know, pretty much said we're going to be the two bottom teams in their division. so it's definitely -- that's what's so great about baseball. >> and one final note about that as game, it's a good one. as pitcher brandon mccarthy with brain surgery a week ago was at the coliseum tonight and greeted teammates there. what a great sign that he is back and feeling much better. but this is the place to be. we're getting ready for giants and diamondbacks. it's going on in the desert. you'll see it on nbc bay area and then a jed york interview and raj's socks on top of that. >> purple socks. thanks for noticing. >> i'll have to look out for that. >> all right, giants baseball is next from arizona. we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> good night.
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